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Navigating the new layout in mobile


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10 minutes ago, admin (Simon W) said:

Or try going directly to the log in page... www.paramotorclub.org/login.



He’s not the only one Si. And going to the home page doesn’t make any difference. The only way I can log in when using a mobile is to reply to a post and then get a message to log in. 
I’ve cleared cache and everything. 

here’s a pic of all I see on the home page. There is no option to login



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The image above shows you as logged in Chris. ? 

The + will allow you to add content.. 

I know that the software guys are trying to produce an actual app for everyones forums so I think the site when viewed in a browser is starting to head in that direction. 

You should be able to do everything that you could before though.. I will take a look at the phone browser settings this morning :-)



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6 minutes ago, admin (Simon W) said:

What is is you are trying to do? 



Normal I’m trying to add to my training blog or open messages. I can get to it following the forums but not by quickly going to my activity like before. 
As Chris  said above the only way to get to messages is following the email link. I’ve found no way to get to edit my profile. 

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