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Who's landing near Dundee- DD9, I don't think you're welcome!


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What a bunch of total pricks on that forum. It just makes me want to go and fly around there houses at 500ft all day.

(Note my response is equal to that of theirs) 

I wonder how I would have felt about it had there been some pleasant discussion instead?? I may have even been able to advise him correctly as no one seems yet to have done so.

Im 90% sure I know who it is and could almost certainly have helped. But instead, leave them to talk about playing with bang bang guns and electric wires like a bunch of kids. 

The farmer clearly does not like the person who most likely bought the house he wanted and is now being a dick about it. Not the best way to go about communicating with people if you expect / want results.



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53 minutes ago, hadders said:

We had a local farmer who fired some firework rockets at a couple of pilots. He had a visit from the local police. We just don't fly over his farm anymore so not to wind him up.

I had one deranged farmer discharge both barrels a couple of years ago - all over a simple misunderstanding. Always remember they are armed! ;-) 

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1 hour ago, asquaddie said:

Best option would be both farmers get together for a beer and decide that they can land and take off, up to 28 days a year and the other one can have access to the land - both win win :-)  Happy days.


The one having ppg's land is not a farmer. He is someone who bought what is probably an ex farm house. Farmers don't generally like these people with money, even though it is the farmers that sell the property! 

The rules are simple, he has to have permission to land on private land. If he does not talk to the farmer ad agree an amicable arrangement (usually involving whisky) then he will end up in trouble.

ps. I have 2 farmers who let me land in any of their fields. I am friends with them on FB and see all their chat. They often talk in jest, just like that posted thread! 



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