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Tornado XC Cylinder Head


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36 minutes ago, AndyB said:

zero to full in a split second 

That's typical of a highly strung two stoke... Throttle can be like an "ON-OFF" switch compared to a four stroke.
You need to preempt the response to stay in front of it going turbo... I'm guessing you have learned to subliminally dance with your trigger finger Andy.

Lowering compression is usually accompanied by a lower fuel efficiency (all things being equal) but I am guessing the typical cruse RPM with the XC head must somehow be inside the pump resonance... I cant see how, I guess a lower pressure shockwave travels slower giving the bottom end a better breathing timing :)
I'm shit with two strokes!
This is assuming the exhaust and intake remain the same and just the head is swapped out?

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