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Dudek DriftAir - has anyone tried one?


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On 29/09/2020 at 18:53, Rustynutz said:

I am considering buying a DriftAir but cant find many reviews, so, has anyone on here got one?

Yes i currently have a demo wing size 20 from the importer on trial. The driftair is the best wing i have ever flown. Super agile but not something that gets you killed. Very easy to launch, you need to give it a hard punch on launch to rise up, but then it firmly stays over your head. Great energy retention on lading, easy to flare. Yesterday i ordered a DriftAir in size 22, my take off weight is 140kgs.

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Also tried the 20m Driftair with 140AUW, can confirm that. I normally fly standard Reflex wings around 26m.Driftair has a super easy start behavier, comes up so fast that you have to be quick on the brakes. Feels very efficient, seems to use lower rpms on level flight than my current 26m wing.

It also flys nice on straight lines what was my concern before testflight, also it has no power pendulum with my setup. Landing is no issue in light winds. But don´t try nil wind. Trimmers and Speedsystem travellengh is  little reduced compared to SnakeXX or Warp models, so more AoA saftey build into the wing.  

This wing turns so great and with no effort it´s really a pleasure to fly. It makes what you want without  any turning restistance like most wings I fly before. I can´f find any drawback in the 2 hours I fly it, naturally the lost of height is more in turns than on a standard wing but the energy mamagement is very natural and fine. I  think to order one.


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I too am interested in this topic. Has anyone flown the H3 and Driftair? What are your thoughts on both? I've not yet had the opportunity to try either or both.

People I have spoken to have flown one or the other but not both. Much of what I have heard is positive for both wings. They both appeal to different styles of flying from what I understand.

I'd like to stick with Dudek. I'm looking for "more" than the Nucxx....something more efficient, faster and also stable on XC but that can be thrown around for fun. Not into acro but I enjoy the odd tight turn, spiral and wing over. I like the Nucxx but I'm looking for more spice and it seems that the path forward splits with these two wings. Any feedback and opinion would be great, thanks.

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Hi I will receive a Hadron 3 this week for testing, I will let you know.

Otherwise I am downsizing to a Driftair 20, so my Driftair 22 is on sale (15-20hrs, top condition). Anyone who is interested should get in touch with me...


PS: I will post on Hadron 3 after test flights...

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