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How to limit the smell of a gasoline?


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I'd like to be able to keep my paramotor kit in the apartment especially in winter when I can't keep it on my balcony (where I keep it under waterproof grill cover). Noticed that the only part of it that smells gasoline to me is the fuel hose. Does every hose smell gasoline because its density is less than the gasoline vapor or maybe there are more expensive ones that are fume-proof?

What other elements of the kit generate the smell? On the venting hose of the fuel tank I have a valve that for sure limits the emission of the smell, I think the tank itself generate negligible amounts of fume.

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well, assuming its a 2 stroke everything from the carb down is soaked in petrol+oil.

and the oil stops it evaporating much. So most of smell left is probably coming from carb out through air intake so you could try covering that.

same with exhaust really.

But yer best bet imho would be to get a big 'garden waste' sack - like this:


just stick it in that and seal the top with a few  bungies. job done.


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15 minutes ago, forecaster said:

Makes lots of sense, I did not consider intake and exhaust which are directly connected with internals filled with fuel and air mixture.

As for the fuel hose itself, do you consider it normal that they smell gasoline so intensively or maybe I have it of low quality?

Hi, Not sure where you are located guessing out of UK but Martin who i fly with sells odour kits for some Paramotors, possibly to expensive to ship to you but you night get the idea and be able to buy necessary items to make some identical or similar for your make of paramotor, Check them out here in his shop  https://proppg.co.uk/shop/ols/products/proppg-engine-blanking-set

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Fuel line material can indeed become saturated with gasoline and give off a smell.  I've had it happen in enclosed boats.  Hell, I've had it happen on boats with the head holding tank line - now there's stink for you.   The solution is PTFE hose.  Here's a good article on the fuel line issue with a quote.  The product they link to is a $60 for 15 feet, so you can buy it and convert your friends' motors, too. 


1) You're probably not crazy

2) There's probably a product out there that works

3) That product could be this one...     https://www.summitracing.com/parts/fra-601506

"If you park your rubber-fuel-lined hot rod in the garage, it’s possible that your wife has complained about the gasoline smell in the garage and yet you can find no evidence of leaks. The combination of a fuel tank vent and rubber fuel lines are likely the cause of the vapor smell. All new cars for decades have been tested for this type of emissions."



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