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Left or right-handed throttle


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Left vs right-handed throttle ?

I am in the process of converting from paragliding to Paramotoring. I have bought a Parajet Maverick  

my question is what are the benefits, safety considerations, technique considerations and simple personal preferences of left or right-handed throttle control ?

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My guess is most probably use their dominant hand. I have right handed and tried it left handed for a while.

Probably should have kept left for longer to get better used to it but it didn't seem as natural. Some go for left handed to free the right for camera work as cameras seem to be built for right handed use. Others probably so they can play with their phones during flight.

Can't see any adverse safety considerations, go with what you are comfortable with.

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I went left, my non dominant hand. But looks like I am in the minority from what I have seen.

In addition to the above point about having my good hand free for tablets, charts etc, I also wanted my good hand free for throwing reserve, rather than left hand or right hand with throttle. 

I really would like to have tried both before committing.  The vittorasi throttle can be swapped round, if that's an option for you.

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I am right handed and have reserve and throttle on the right side. My throttle does not get in the way at all. I use the reserve as a "shelf" to rest my throttle hand on during flight. I also practice every flight getting hold of the reserve handle. I find that because I rest my hand on the reserve the muscle memory for the finding the reserve handle is really good. Just move hand from where it rests on the side of the reserve pocket, a few inches out and down. Also, my throttle is longer than my arm can reach, so in no way impedes my throwing capability.

I tried both LH and RH for both the reserve and throttle. The clincher for me was having a throttle that only uses 3rd and 4th finger, so out of the way.

The most difficult task is putting on a RH glove when flying!

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Thanks for the replies guys. 
I believe the maverick allows for the throttle side to be changed so I’ll try it for a while and see how I get on. There doesn’t seem to be any massive safety issue for either option so That’s allayed some fears 👍😎

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I used the parajet throttle RH for a year but fancied one that didn’t use the first two fingers on my main hand. 
when first starting using the camera/phone etc isn’t important but over time I wanted to do things needing my main fingers. Also I have my reserve on the right and wanted my main arm free just in case. 
I 3D-printed a throttle that uses 3/4 fingers and I put it on my left. For me it didn’t feel odd at all, I haven’t had a single issue with it except my little fingers ache holding full throttle to climb. 
It also gave me the opportunity to get the cable the right length to get it over my arm instead of under, and away from any chance of going through the net which happened with my old one. 

All a matter of preference I think but you won’t know which until you’ve tried both 😁

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Hi guys,

Is ironic this topic should come up...i had a fellow pg pilot who is getting a ppg endorsement  ask me that question a week ago.


I think ppgers sometimes forget all about the likelihood of reverse launching  so i add the following because it is very often a factor...

The main reason for choosing one over the other for me  is determined by my reverse launch technique when flying motors in wind.

Because i reverse launch  holding A's in one hand, i always put throttle  in opposite hand to the  one i use to pull up glider...so in my case, throttle goes in left hand because i reverse launch with right hand on A's.

So why does that make a difference? Because the last thing you want  to happen whilst hauling on the A's when reverse launching in wind is for the lines also to pull on throttle and rev the engine up. Thats only going to be exacerbated  by wind also pulling on wing which has A lines now pulling on throttle. The result is pilot and motor ending up going for an uncontrolled worm burn ground run downwind into a nasty and costly "prang" (Aussie for accident btw)

By having throttle in bottom hand that is just used for rear line control, the throttle lever is also well clear of lines as its in the bottom hand.

If you reverse launch using two hands and individual A's (which i personally wouldnt do) then it probably doesnt matter.

Hope this helps other guys who arent sure which way to go.

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That's a very good point that I had never considered, and probably explains why I was taught left hand throttle. 

Then again I have seen videos teaching the A's D's method with A's in right hand, so I suppose any combo works,  but whichever way you do it you make a very valid point that youd want throttle in the other hand.

I'm glad I didn't switch to right handed now, as I did think about doing so. 

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Cant remember right from left
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Another vote for non dominant. I'm a lefty, and have throttle in right hand. Why ? Because it leaves my most 'dexterous?' hand free - so best for fannying around with cameras, gopro, poles, shades, and whatever else the feck I'm buggering about with.

Maybe that's just me. I pretty much never reverse, but as Adam says, if I do, As in are my left, bottom on the right/throttle hand.

Bottom line is nearly all paramotors can switch easy enough - try both, see what works best.

As I say, as lefty sometimes I find stuff I learn later in life ends up being most comfortable in my right, or else I'm as comfortable in either hand (mouse, snowboarding, etc) - so really it's about what feels most natural.

I suppose you poor righties though are more limited, what with your lower intelligence, lack of creativity and ambitiousness though.



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18 minutes ago, Blackburn Mark said:

Stu is a Scott which means his trolling skills probably go all the way up to 11.... Especially when dealing with the English.

Bob-N-Weave Steve :) 

I spent a week with Stu flying the Slovenian Alps ... Scottish? Explains so much. 

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