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Very Frustrated

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You need to be carful here!

5 Degrees of pitch seemed too shallow for such a powerful motor so I double checked on the helix website:
H30F 1,30m L-M-05-2 (this has 5 degrees of pitch and may work but like a mountain bike stuck in a low gear)
H30F 1,30m L-M-07-2 (This one has 7 degrees of pitch and seems to be the one listed as compatible with your motor/re-drive setup)

Pitch is like gears on a propeller and is very important.
The wing shape plays a part (a fat profile or under camber will need less pitch than a thin profile but not a concern from our position as we are allowing the manufacturer to do the math's)

All things being equal, if your pitch is too high, the motor will bog down before the propeller and motor can get to max power.
If the pitch is too low, the motor will hit its max RPM before the propeller is biting into the air properly.

Think of riding a mountain bike... first gear is wasted on flat tarmac, your legs will going like crazy and you will only be doing 5mph.
Top gear is useless going up a steep hill.... a fixed pitch propeller gives us one "gear" choice so we must chose wisely :)
All the work is usually done for you and it would seem that for a helix, H30F 1,30m L-M-07-2 is a good match to your particular motor/re-drive pair.

You don't NEED to know how all this works but having a rudimentary grasp of the fundamentals may have allowed me to catch an error in your propeller choice so its not always wasted... especially on those of us who HATE splashing £350
Having said that, I am trying to help but errors are easy to make so take my advice for what it is... RUDIMENTERY... double check everything! :) 

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I have always found reverse has far more opportunity for getting it wrong. After nearly 200 flights I have still only done one reverse. Forward is fine once you have mastered feeling the wing. Just ge

Maybe get a bit of refresher training? You should have been trained to recognise when to abort a take-off so you don't damage stuff. 

'for a day I recon'. More like 3 by the sounds of it.

Posted Images

6 hours ago, MatthewClay said:

 Where do I look on my motor to verify the exact motor I have? 

Errrr.... Google :) 


This will not give you a definitive answer but might confirm a basic ID of your engine... Then cross reference with any info you can find like PDF manuals (download one for the simonini mini2) see how many models there are and isolate yours.

You could post an image here and you may get confirmation from another owner.

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Do these help?  I still haven’t ordered a prop and really need to this week.  Need help verifying which propeller to order from dtpropellers.  There’s a pic up above from there website so that I can pick the right ratio.  Any help would be appreciated.





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As far as I can tell there are two main versions of the Mini 2 Plus, yours looks to be the G24 with a slightly different exhaust and filter box... The other version has a K&N style cone filter and larger expansion chamber.
The difference between the two are likely to be negligible in regards to prop choice... for example, according the Helix propellers, I can use the same prop on all Baileys paramotors despite the 5hp spread in output and slight ratio difference.

Ignore that they mount this one upside down, its the same motor exhaust and filter box as far as I can tell.

I personally would put an order in stating the reduction ratio (which you have) and engine model (Simonini Mini 2 Plus) and trust DT Propellers to send me a matching prop.
BUT, that me....

PS: You owe a stranger... If you see someone in the rain with a flat tire, stop and get your spanners out (that ought to cover it!) :) 


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I'm not getting 5 1/8 inch looking at that.

Are you based in America?
What's with the caveman tape rule? :) 
You don't make life easy.

 2 1/8 inch puts us in the middle of two standard Simonini min 2 pullies @53.975mm instead of 53mm or 55mm.
Simonini seems to have put quite a bit of effort into dicking around with very minor ratio options and I'm struggling with the logic.
A standard large pulley for the mini 2 plus is supposed to be 129mm (5.08 inch) and I'm not seeing that in your 

I am going to have to defer this one and hope someone highlights where I am going wrong.... HELP!

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4 minutes ago, cas_whitmore said:

If there’s no clutch , can’t you mark the two pulleys @12.00 position, turn your prop One complete turn see how many’s time drive pulley turns,  say  2.7 to 1 turn Of large pulley , it worked for choosing  diffs For different gearing, 

Yes, you can, but unless you have a good protractor, measuring 0.7 or 0.6 of a turn can be tricky.

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9 minutes ago, MatthewClay said:

Haha hopefully this will help? Also what’s this he’s wanting? Please specify also the drilling pattern -centre is 25 mm and the drilling pattern -6-m8-75, 6-m6-50 or 6-m6-70?

Calipers, even cheap ones.... I feel sooooo much better :) 
6XM8X75 ---- that is Six bolts of M8 (metric bolt designation) with 75mm diameter


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Soooo.... assuming we have all our ducks in a row.....
Dear DT Propellers, can I have a 130cm propeller for a Simonini mini 2 plus (2.34 redrive 6xM8x75 bolt pattern) :) 

So to confirm the bolt pattern (we already know there are six bolts), put two opposing bolts in, measure the outside of two opposing bolts and minus 8mm (assuming the bolts are 8mm diameter... they look like it from here)

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The easier way to measure PCD (pitch circle diameter) is to put cap head 2 bolts in and measure across the outside of the heads and then the inside, between the heads. Average the 2 dimensions and you get an accurate reading for PCD without having to know the bolt diameter or struggle trying to measure across the shanks.

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