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No Spark


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Hi All


Im building a wind machine for use in the SFX industry using a brand new Vitorazzi Moster Plus. It came with almost no install instructions except for a wiring diagram and a battery recommendation. 

I bought the recommended battery (Magneti Marelli MM-ION-2 12 volt lifep04) Ive wired everything up as per the wiring diagram with the starter trigger throttle handle, and quite happy Ive done it correctly. (see image still a bit messy but was planning on getting it working first, then putting in a ip657 enclosure) The starter motor is ticking over but no spark is being created. I tried a brand new spark plug. even bought a new voltage regulator as i thought it may be bust. but still no spark. also tried to use the pull start instead of the starter motor incase that was stealing all the power. 

Im a prop maker and fabricator , so fairly handy at building most things and have basic electronics skills. however Im not a petrol head at all so Im all out of ideas on how to get this motor running. 

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. or contact details for someone in london who could look into this in person would also be great. 

(FYI the plywood engine mount is only temporary whilst i work everything out, A CNC'd aluminum panel will replace this with vents for cooling block etc)




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How have you got the engine kill switch circuit wired?

Be aware that the flying lead from the coil is earthed to kill the engine so the kill switch (positioned on our hand throttles usually, although most paramotors have an additional one on the frame somewhere) is normally open, if you`ve wired a switch where the circuit from the coil is made during your attempt to start you won`t get a spark.

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I havent wired up the kill switch yet. There are four cables coming from the hand throttle. I have wired up the two blue for the ignition through a relay, which is working and the starter motor turns over.  

but left the other two killswitch wires loose for now as I assumed i need to connect these via a Relay too? otherwise they would be taking a lot of amps through some tiny wires.

If the motor started i was just going to pull the spark plug cap off to kill it. 

Does anyone have a link to decent generic wiring diagram for paramotors. There really was many pieces to the puzzle missing when i bought this thing. no explanation about the Relays etc. The hand throttle came with no instruction at all. 

Cas _Whitmore

Im in east london, Leyton


thank again

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