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car rack


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The one I've seen was a simple perimeter metal tube frame with a ply platform on top of it, probably about two foot square. This was fastened to the tow hitch.

One of the bike racks that uses a back plate on the tow hitch, with two vertical tubes to accept the rack would probably make a reasonable basis for a DIY solution, although some extra triangulation from the rearmost part of the platform to below the tow ball might be required.

A really good sturdy bike rack might just do the job without any tweaks.

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Hi Guys,

The best one I've found is called the Bak-Rak and you can buy it from me for £89 including delivery. It hooks on to a standard tow hitch. Feel free to ask questions. Here are some pictures of a Rad and a Parajet on mine...


Here my RAD Javelin is in transport mode with a pair of kayak straps holding it down. I've driven hundreds of miles with it in this configuration without any problems.




The Parajet is noticeably heavier than the RAD and would probably benefit from a piece of ply under it to spread the load but the Bak-Rak can easily take the overall load.




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I found that those thinner metal rods between the main parts of the frame can flex a bit under the load of the motor so I use a couple of long pieces of box section that I clamp onto the frame with U-bolts. I can clamp them onto any part of the rack so it is adjustable for any size load and also because they are much bigger than the rack they give me a much larger carrying area for other items. I am so pleased with it I have got rid of my trailer.

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There will always be someone happy to live on less margin. Price is a dangerous place to compete. We donate a fiver to Paramotor Club for each one sold. The choice rests with the customer - it has always been thus. :lol:


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