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I want to start paramotoring, what do I do?!

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Hi. I really like the idea of taking up paramotoring but I'm a bit dazzled by all the jargon and the sheer range of motors, etc. What I'd really like is if someone could recommend a half decent setup for kit and the nearest good/inexpensive place to get trained?

I live in Milton Keynes, am 6'3" and wiegh 14st12Lbs at the moment. I'm physically fit so lifting heavy motors shouldn't be a problem.

Where do I start? Is a Simonini 122 a good motor to use considering my weight, etc? If some people could write a few recommendations of kit stuff I'll keep my eyes on the classifieds/ebay,etc.

All tips and advice much appreciated, thanks in advance....


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Hi Andy

You've come to the right place :D

When confused with the jargon, bedazzled by the kit etc, it's always a good idea to step back and find someone to teach you. As you get more into it and meet more folks involved, like me you will be able to start narrowing down to a final shortlist of the kit that's right for you.

It beats going out and spending thousands on something that with a bit more experience you would have known wasn't quite right.

This site has access to some excellent instructors, and I'm sure as soon as the wind blows a bit harder this afternoon, someone will let you know of one near you.

A lot of folks are at the National Championships this weekend, so if you don't get a reply until tuesday or so please don't be discouraged.

Good luck

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I drove through Milton yesterday....

The roundabouts are not as much fun in a car as on the bike thats for sure!

If you would like to chat, please do call (which is a bit of a joke at the moment) you will be able to call on the number below very soon, until then the forum is the place to be.

If you PM your number I will gladly give you a bell.


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