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Bailey V4

Pilot Paul

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Just bought a V4 and I have a few questions I’m hoping someone can help out with.
I believe this is a fuel primer but should it be glued to the frame as mine is lose?

What type of battery should be fitted for the electric start? Looks like I have 2 YTX4A-BS 12v 2.3Ah taped together. Is that right? They are flat so I want to get the correct replacement.

Lastly, what are these for please?
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Assuming its an "inline" job......
I think most treat a priming bulb as nothing more than more fuel line... as long as it cant get into contact with any moving parts or be knocked off, it ought to be good.

I would not obsess about part numbers at all, as long as you get a similar Ah rating, voltage and size (cranking amps), you ought to be good.
Lots of us with old Bailey's use lipo batteries of various voltages, I personally use a 11.1v 5.5Ah Lipo and at least one other on here uses a 14.8v 5.5Ah Lipo with no reported problems (all types are likely to be pulled down bellow 10v during cranking)
I have cut my charging wire and charge separately....  I "ASSUME" if you have a 14.8v Lipo, you may get away without cutting the charging wire but it would need some carful thought because Lipo's are not friendly if you over charge them but they are light, reasonably cheep even if bought with a charger and work well.


28 minutes ago, Pilot Paul said:

Lastly, what are these for please?

I think you may have failed to attach your files 
Keep trying, you will work it out :) 

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Those sockets look to be non standard but I don't have the V4 (I have the V2)

Ill guess one is for charging/boosting (heavy gauge wires/blue socket) and one is for auxiliary 12v (heated gloves or whatever)... Basically, both wired to the +12v and -12v of the battery terminals but you might want to double check with a meter :) 

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