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As I'm not flying I had some time to service and think about spares. I carry most parts but thought it might be an idea to carry a spare throttle assembly.

As I have time and a printer I thought it might be fun to make one so have this design that uses a bike cable (5mm dia), and return spring. 

The outer grip is printed in TPU as it gives a soft grip and the rest in a carbon reinforced PLA for strength.

The soft grip also retains the throttle lever 6mm pin and return spring pin as well as protecting the kill cable.

Kill Switch is M8 threaded in to top part, no e-start switch but feel free to hack.

It's on Thingiverse if you want to have a go yourself, let me know if you do.


It should work for left or right hand and sorry but is sized for me :)





Throttle V2.png

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Ok made a few prototypes. 

I'm favoring the left as its more pistol grip using trigger finger to pull throttle. Conventional lower mounted lever is hard to use my little finger and still grip the throttle.

I added a loop for a strap, a cap for the kill switch and will now print the soft grip cover. Return spring works well so in general happy to have it as a backup. 

Bike cable and inner from Amazon about 6 Euros, button was 7 Euros for 12! 6 Euros for some cable over braid to hide the kill switch wires.

I'll print the final part in PLA-Carbon and a roll is about 30 Euros but will only use about 3 Euro of that for this.

Thinking the plate is also big enough to mount a tacho/temp meter....


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I printed that one but was struggeling to use my little finger to actuate the lever, it felt more natural using my trigger finger as its the same for my stock Vitto throttle.

As I have a roll of Carbon PLA and enough bike cable to make a couple probably will make both, its just spares to put in my Paramotor travel box of spares.

Both have to wait till I rebuild my E3D extruder though as it decided to block yesterday :(


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