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2t OIL


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I know it's dangerous to ask a question of such a topic in these opionated days, but here goes.

I have a PAP PA125, I think it's about the 2015 model, the old manual specifiies the use of Castrol power 1 race 2T oil, which is the fully synthetic oil, not to be confused with Castrol power 1 2T oil which is semi-synthetic. Now the newer version of the manual, albeit for the ROS125 engine, specifies CASTROL TTS PREMIX or Motul 700.

I have several questions :-

  1. Which oil is best ?
  2. Has anyone used Westways lubricants "2 STROKE OIL SYNTHETIC RACING" ?  Link - https://www.westwayoils.co.uk/collections/motorcycle-oils/products/2-stroke-oil-synthetic-racing-5-litres
  3. Are there other oils that should be considered such as Putoline etc. ?
  4. Has anyone experience of the air conception oil for Nitro200 and Totnado 280 at 66:1 ?


I want to hear of ACTUAL EXPERIENCE with these oils, reccomendations or issues experienced through personal useage, NOT hearsay from a friend of a cousin of a facebook keyboard warrior !

Thanks in advance.

(Sits back awaiting bombardment)

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The best? Aspen 2 though that isn't an oil but rather alkylate petrol premixed at 50:1 with a premium quality biodegradable 2-stroke oil. Alkylate petrol is significantly purer than traditional petrol. Harmful aromatic hydrocarbons are close to zero and it burns significantly cleaner, leaving no residue.

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Was wondering what the OP's definition was.  I ask because it depends what you want. Best lubricant will coke engine faster. Lower lubricity often comes with less coke. 

So I think you have to decide what you want, and chose your oil accordingly. 

That's how I understand it.

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