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newbie moving soon... the buy here/there debate

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Hi all, I've been interested in PPG for quite a while, and think I finally have the time to learn (I've run down a few hills with a paraglider and done one 5-day hang glider course a decade ago, but no other flying experience). I'm in Wisconsin, USA now, but am planning on moving to New Zealand for a new job as soon as my work visa comes through (could be anywhere between a month and a year from now, given the pandemic). From what I've seen, paramotor lessons and gear are a lot less expensive in the US than in NZ. I'm hoping to learn to fly here in the US, but the question I'm trying to answer now is whether it's worth the hassle to buy kit here and ship it to NZ myself when I leave. Any thoughts, suggestions, or comments on how best to do it would be great!

Also, if you were to go back and learn to fly again, what questions would you ask a prospective flying school instructor before you decided to learn from them?

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