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Really, really bad timing!

Guest v23nb

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I couldn't have got my timing worse if I tried. Forecast looking really rosy for the next several days and I haven't got my motor for a week :cry: .

Motor is back at Bailey HQ being bought up to the latest spec (for free woo hoo!) so perhaps I'll fly my PAP instead except I can't because I stupidly sold it last week grrr! So all I can do is ground handle my new wing I am collecting tomorrow morning :D or perhaps ground crew for Rob on a downwind dash on his identical new wing also coming tomorrow. Standard rules have applied with this sudden unplanned purchase, ie same colour wing and rucksack as previous thereby completely sneaking past wife's radar. The problem is that I might well be arriving home with my new trike unit next week so I don't know how I'm going to get that one through the door.

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No, I had the forced air cooling fan and shroud already. I had taken mine up to have the timing adjusted back to normal after it was modified for the low octane rating Chinese fuel used in the Beijing World Championships last year. While I was there Paul said that there was an improved cylinder which was now standard fit as well as a different redrive unit which allowed the same thrust to be achieved at lower revs. It also has a system for damping between the redrive unit and the prop which was standard from Feb 08 and shown in the latest manual.

Have you tried speaking to Bruce about these spec updates? I find he's really helpful, especially bearing in mind I didn't even buy the machine from them.

The new 34 sq m wing seems huge! I'm just off to the park to kite it. Also picked up my Quest XC today. Don't you just love new toys!

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