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Dudek Universal 1.1 Trim Operation

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Hey guys.  Quick question.  I recently purchased a 25.5 meter Universal 1.1.  The only previous wing experience I have is on a 26 meter (medium) Ozone Mojo.  The Universal should make for a really nice cross-country wing given its speed capability enhanced by the trim range.  Coming from the Mojo with its very limited trim range (for obvious reasons), I know I will need to get used to "really" letting the trims out on the Universal.  The question I have is what sort of techniques do you guys use for slowly releasing the trims without having them go zIpping out all at once?  I have watched a few videos on the Universal including once by "Marty G" back in April 2019.  He does a very good review of the wing.  I can pause (start/stop) the video where he is letting the trims out just to see how he does it.  Here is the link and at the 15:00 minute mark is where he makes his first trim adjustment:


Anyway, I admit this is probably a "newbie" question but I'm just looking for advice/suggestions from the rest of the group.


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I sort of chuckled when I read your response chrsfrwll but honestly, you are probably 100% correct!!!  On the Mojo you could let the trims slide out and the wing just laughs back at you saying, "c'mon man, those don't give you anything on this big wing"!!

One thing I can do on the Universal is set the trim strap buckles to let's say 6 cm and have them act as a limit stop.  This would be in the event that if they came out too fast the buckles would prevent them from going all the way to 12 cm, which is where the limiter is initially set from Dudek I believe.

Thanks for the response. I will practice this on my next flight.

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They won't come out too fast... you will need to 'help' the trimmers slightly in most cases. 

There will be no sudden 'drop' as one would expect. 

Getting them back in: You may need to use both hands if it's crispy new until they have worn in a bit, if you do.. a little at a time on each side to start with. 

If you got it new, or from a Dudek dealer, you are very much entitled to a proper hand over if required. 

They are a fantastic wing!!!


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Ah yes!  I did find that cracking example in the classifieds.  I could have a 25.5 AND a 28 meter Universal!!  I often wonder if I went 1 size too small with my 25.5M.  My all up weight is in the 115-120 range on my Nitro 200.  Someday I will replace the Nitro with a dual start Maverick.  My Mojo is the 26 meter but obviously a totally different beast than the Universal.  I am flying the Universal without too many issues thus far but I have very few flights on it.  The 28 meter would actually fit my weight range better than the 25.5.

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