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speed wing course ?

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On the assumption that eventually holidays will resume - does anyone know of anywhere that does a course on speed wings ? not powered, just courses with speed wings ?

thought it'd be kinda fun learning. I tried one once but it was so responsive it scared the pants off me, but I could see how once you get used to it, a hike and fly kinda thing would be pretty fun - but I'd rather not just buy one and make all the mistakes I'd no doubt avoid if I had a course first.

I had a rake around the inter-verse but turned up blank. Alternative I suppose is one of the single skin intermediate wings coming out now - same weight, but flies more like a regular PG.. but as new, they're aint many 2nd hand out there, and I don't think I'd use it enough to justify spending 2k on a toy I'd use 2 or 3 times a year.


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