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velcroed tube cover

Guest francis777

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Does anyone know of a source of velcroed tube cover of the sort used on BMX bike cross bars but longer (up to 2 metres)? size to round 3inch diameter tube? Made of nylon or cordura or preferably thin neoprene for stretchiness?

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How about the padded seat belt covers that the boy racers fit to their cars?

hmm...snazzy...will look at that ...ta

sox? is that tube or wrap around?

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Halfords and some specialist cycling shops do lines of velcroed tube covers. May be worth having a look :D

Failing that, it one of your neighbours' kids gets a bike for his birthday, nick the trims when he's not looking :wink:

My son works at Bikus in Bovey tracey and reckons if you email them with what you want, they can order them in


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When I was looking around my workshop today I saw some nylon hydraulic hose protector about 3 inch diameter. It is made by a company called Pirtek, they call it a textile sleeve Part no. TEXS-N where n is the diameter, it is made in different diameters, is light weight very strong & could possibly be what you are looking for? It is available from most hydraulic hose service companies The only down side is, it is made as a long tube length with no Velcro join. But B&Q sell Velcro by the metre. Get your sewing machine out & hey presto! Just the thing to help pass this rainy spell.

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I know a guy who works for Pirtek.

Leave this with me.

You are talking about the Hydralic protector if not mistaken....

I cadged a small bit a while back.


I have a sewing machine :-)

Pick your fabric and away you go.


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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Some good ones there.

I went with the Seat belt covers and car seat covers and sewed on the velcro.

The results will be on display at the Nats!!!!! and plenty photos...

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