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Exciting dog walk!!!


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I just had the most exciting dog walk for a while....


I was walking the dog...

and there was a river......

which she jumped into........

(My little Mia)

and due to the rain and being a little tired due to long walk......

She started going backwards!!!!......

So.... no further ado....

In I went! Splash...... swam over and threw her onto the bank....

then got out soaked through for the long walk home.

Just got out of the bath :lol::lol:

Just thought I would share my mini adventure.


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What started out as a normal dog walk.

To be fair I was already soaked anyway :lol:

Top tip for saving little dogs from the water....

Take your phones out of your pocket first!


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  • 5 months later...

Si just a question..............

was it not the case that you THREW poor said pooch into the river to try out some new gore-tex boots ( hence how your boots were wet inside - not from some phantom hole in the bottom) or have you got some other apparrel requiring just some sort of extreme testing?????? :roll:

Just a thought that all........

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