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Fuel injection

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Anyone know of any engine brans in paramtoring who do fuel injection?

Wouldnt it resolve the issue of 2 stroke engine failures due to carburation issues?

In cars fuel injection also add quite a bit of horsepower as well as much better fuel economy.

Couldnt we benefit from that?

I habe read that jetskis for example use it

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9 minutes ago, adamjedgar said:

In cars fuel injection also add quite a bit of horsepower as well as much better fuel economy.

In principle, a well tuned carb produces more power than injecting can (better atomisation I think)
In practice, user laziness or inexperience could give injecting the edge.

I am aware there are a two stroke snowmobile with direct injection that some home builders in the US rave about but it all sounds very exotic, complex and expensive.

There is a four stroke injected paramotor in the US... looks like a heavy lump :) 

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There are many way of running injection on 2 stroke engines. The best System I have had a play with was on a husqavana motocross, it has a separate oil injector so no pre mixing oil and fuel (I always end up putting fuel in Gina’s car because I can’t remember if I put oil in or not)

Depending on how far you want to get into it the benefits can be massive but on MX bikes the weight isn’t as big of a deal.

with the correct sensors and management you will get much better fuel consumption and the ability to adjust fuel to match altitude. Although O2 sensor don’t like 2 stroke oil too much so unless you want to change o2 sensors as they burn out they are best for diagnosis only and leave your fueling on the rich side just incase.

i looked into a system made by a guy in America for the Moster last year and the benefits didn’t match the cost.

The biggest downside for me though is carrying a battery up there even more so if you’re having to charge it, it’s Just more things to go wrong. 

Best bet is to learn about 2 stokes engines, maintenance and tuning, they really are as simple as an engine comes and the benefit of knowing how it works means you can fix it.

Im  amazed there isn’t a course ran by one of the schools for maintenance and diag it would be beneficial for everyone, And hopefully reduce ground starting by having better maintained machines that start easier.


(sorry went a little off track there)

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