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Talking to farmers -trying to get access to a field

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I have only asked two... one said no, the other said yes and iv used that one on and off for twenty years.

I was looking at a new site not long ago and I printed a couple of images of a paramotor launching/flying to make it easier to express what was being asked.
I'm guessing a picture of a paramotor launch looks a LOT less demented than an attempt at describing... "Engine... Propeller.... back-pack... running... floppy wing.... and stuff".
I never got around to asking though.

It would make sense to make it clear that you would be either sitting around nice and quiet or launching and taking your noise elsewhere or keeping it away from the farm etc.

I would be surprised if many have gone too much further than one successful request so a "trend" in success might be a bit tricky to find :) 

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Just introduce myself, say I'm a paramotor pilot and hoping to use their field to launch and land from. If you get a "no", just move on. The first one I approached I offered to donate some money to his charity (he gave me the ok), the second I offered to donate his favourite tipple (he gave me the ok), the third said no before I got to offer anything and the fourth I didn't offer anything and he gave me the ok too.

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5 hours ago, Capotec2015 said:

What approach does everyone take when talking to a farmer for the first time to try to get access to a good field? Is there an approach/incentive that anyone feels is consistently successful? Thanks

Hi, most farmers like to be straight to the point and don't mess them about. They are good people if you just tell them what you would like them to help you with. 

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