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Where you guys launch from and complaints

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Due to all this random walking ive been scouting for some new launch spots. (When dont we!)

Where do you lot find to launch from? Ive used many random fields and beach. 

Had some crazy woman a while ago having a right moan when landed.  It was in a grass field by the road.  

Said i was disturbing the animals on her farm about 1/2 mile away.

Wouldn't mind but just took off and flew miles away.

Anyway got me thinking of where everyone else takes off from and what complaints you've had. 


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I fly mainly from a local community playing field. Thankfully, no one has ever complained, I actually get a lot of support and positive comments from neighbours.

I occasionally use spots around local farm land when there are no crops on animals, never had anyone say anything or complain.

I once landed on a large village green/football pitch and I knew that there was a by-law against powered flight, so I killed the engine before landing. Some guy came striding up to me and I thought, here we go, I was ready to be apologetic and mumble something about engine trouble and precautionary landing but he said “that was brilliant, really amazing, how high can you go”. 

Never really met anyone who didn’t like it. I probably don’t often enough to irritate anyone, Will start giving people birds eye shots of their houses if I detect any negativity!

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I've only just finished my training and we use a field within 1.5hrs from my place, which is a private location and used by a PPG school, so it is perfect for learning and continuing my shadow hours until I am fully certified. In saying that, they do, and have had, complaints from local farmers, and there is a large chart of the area with "no-fly zone" areas shown so the students know what areas to avoid.

Given I live 10 minutes from an international airport, anything within a 1hr drive is pretty much Charlie airspace, so totally not suitable. Its also too built up and not great flying anyhow.

I have been thinking about future flying locations - state parks, abandoned roads/reserves, and potential beach flying. None of these areas would give me "landholder approval", so technically it is not legal, but once I climb  through 300ft I am under CASA regulations -  so totally legal.

My instructor has flown to the local pub (landed in carpark), obviously that was well received by the patrons and therefore no issues. He has also flown to local parks and fields close to roads etc. - he doesnt boast about the fact he has flown there, but it is almost an unwritten acceptance that if you can "get away with a safe launch and landing" then you can fly from that location.

I reckon they need to review the private landholder rule, and add some caveats. Perhaps things like - the pilot needs X hours, full insurance and a member of a club. I guess the only problem is one day someone will ruin it for everyone by doing something stupid, and it will end up being outlawed again.

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