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My first paramotor build - Top 80 Skycruiser


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Finally assembled this pile of parts.  I have no prior experience with paramotors, however I am an engineer/mechanic/technician/machinist/fabricator.  I don't want to pretend to know it all, sadly I don't, so part of the reason I'm posting is to see if I did it wrong (I'm embarrassed to label myself an engineer with that, because engineers know it all).  At first I was concerned with taking on this project, but after seeing many non-mechanic amateurs wrenching on their paramotors not dying, I moved forward with this diy build.  I decided to purchase a frame because I do not have a good understanding of paramotor geometry.  Technically I didn't build this, more like assembled it.

Engine: Top 80 w/ vittorazi throttle

Frame: Skycruiser Simple Aluminum

Harness: APCO SLT high hang



Southwest Top 80 throttle linkage mod (L-bracket).  I could not believe Top 80 / Miniplane will run the cable through that metal hole at 90 degree angle, I could not sleep at night:



Choke Linkage, 3/32" steel filler rod:



Choke OFF:



Choke ON:



CHT sensor display:



Throttle with RPM gage:



Kuntzleman SC103 strobe (meets FAR 103 requirement), custom mount (aluminium split collar I tig welded to):



The seat bottom has 3 inches / 75mm worth of impact foam:



Waiting on the pull starter pulley (looks lost in the mail).  I will follow up with fuel system pictures and an overall mass.


See page 21 for comments on the foam I used: https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-042710-200525/unrestricted/Final_MQP_FSAE_Racecar_Crash_Protection.pdf

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1 hour ago, steelmesh said:

Frame: Skycruiser Simple Aluminum

Good choice if you are a bodger (I mean "engineer")
I'm assuming you have a tig given your use of a filler rod.... But I guess with the Top 80,s low mass, you are reasonably unlikely to knock the frame too far out of shape unless you make large mistake.

Hang check is number one concern.... from bolt upright (efficient, safe but not too comfy) to maybe 10 degrees... at least until you get to grips.
The paramotor could, in principle, self destruct behind you and you would be reasonably safe but if you launch without a hang check and find yourself at 45 degrees, thing can quickly get pretty ugly.

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A hang check is in my future indeed!  I picked up some wood and dreaming up a design.  I've got an AC TIG in my garage; and with that comes filler rod which comes in handy for various things...like a choke actuator on a walbro 😀

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The paramotor dry weight is 48 lbs (21.8 kg).  


4mm thick polycarbonate (lexan) back support:




Custom pull starter pulley bracket:




Custom fuel bulkhead I made sealed with fuel resistant sealer permaseal.  The tank vent is filtered with a 1-way valve (dirt bike tank breather):


Primer bulb and lightweight airbox mounting system lol:


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