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Your instructor will cover this off with you but I had a quick look and its absolutely fine to fly there and you can fill your boots. However, you do need to be mindful/cautious before you barrel in because whilst it’s a disused airfield, it looks active as a gliding site and a very quick google search suggests they might have a winch too, you will want to avoid flying into a winch. 

It’s a great idea to pick up the phone and chat to the club, most people in aviation love to talk and give advice and you may be surprised at how helpful they are. Not everyone hates paramotors!

If you look at your map or skydemon for your local area, you will see that some larger/busier airfields (like Old Buckenham) have a circle around them on the chart, you need permission to enter those. Large airports (Norwich for example) similarly have larger areas around that you can’t enter (without permission) but other small airfields like Hardwick or Horham are in open space, but it’s considered bad airmanship to blunder into an active circuit. Your instructor will take you through all this. Hope you get up in the air this summer, 😁😁

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