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Dipping my toes

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Morning Everyone!

I hope everyone is staying safe with what's going on in the world!

So I work in the NHS, and with everything that's been going on I've realised that it's time to start thinking about all those things I always wanted to get into but never got around to, one of them being Paramotoring. I've been spending a lot of time watching videos which has also got my interest back up, and I was chatting to Paranoob on one of his YouTube video's and he suggested hull aero club as a possible place to get started up here in Yorkshire, unfortunately on contacting them they're no longer doing paramotoring.

Obviously nobody will be doing anything anytime soon, so I've got plenty of time to find somewhere, I'd love any suggestions, and guidance on how much I'm looking at financially as I'm the only income earner in our household with my partner disabled and 3 kids it won't be a quick thing to save up for. I've also got to lose some timber, I was in a car accident the end of last year and while I was stuck at home I bulked up a little over 3 months.
So yeah, any advise guys?
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There's a guy call brad in Scunthorpe near you, its who i trained with.

Friendly bloke, very knowledgeable, laid back and offers a good price.

Here's his site https://paramotor-ltd.business.site/

once training is done its time to gear yourself up.

older gear your looking at- wing = £1000-£2000. motor = £1500-£3000

new gear, wing = £2500+. motor £4000+

after all that the sport becomes a lot cheaper, just fuel really.

any questions dude feel free to ask.

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Thanks guys!

2 hours ago, Gerry 747 said:

 You say you've put on a bit of weight, well I'm over 6ft, wouldn't say overweight, but I aint no lightweight and I can get up with a Top 80 motor no problem. I always think the lighter you are the easier it is.

I'm 6'2" and unfotunately I put on a good 3 strone so I'm pushing 20 now, so I need to get back down to 17 or less.

It's not going to be a quick journey, the virus not withstanding, I need to save up the pennies for it which is going to take a few months, but it's nice to have a target to look for.

I'll get in touch with Brad in the meantime .



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Well im around 15 to 16 stone (still holding on to that winter weight) and luckily my 110cc still gets me air born. im sure bigger pilots than myself have left the ground happily with the properly selected gear strapped to them.

From experience, i manage to get started for £4000. Thats probably  the very cheapest you can do it ( training and gear).

id be looking at that as a very minimum, anything else is a bonus.

Brads a good guy. the way i had to train with him was like one day here, one day there due to work.

stay safe dude.

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Guys, I would recommend that you don't wait until this is over before making your bookings with your chosen school. 

We are still taking bookings, and I am sure many of the other schools are also. You don't want to be told that there is no space when the sudden massive wave of people start calling when we are allowed back out. 



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