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Help, What motor for High altitude?

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Hi everyone. 

I got my PPG pilots licence last year and I am very close to having the funds for my first paramotor rig. 

I live in the Italian dolomites and my launch site is just down the road from my house.The elevation is 1000m and my usual flight path will be atleast between 1500m and 3000m ( Tre Cime Dolomites) I will be flying with experienced pilots that live in my home town. Last time I spoke with them they told me "go as light as possible"...

I weigh 85 - 90kg and will be purchasing a OZONE roadster 3. 

I was thinking of a Scout, or parajet  frame.  

My question is what Engine would people recommend ?

Would the Vitorrazi moster 185 be enough HP for where I will be doing most of my flying.

How much does elevation reduce power of 2 strokes?

Should I be looking at a larger cc engine , like a polini thor 250 or a rotron 294. 

I understand that maybe the larger motors a probably suited to more experienced pilots, but I would like to make one purchase, and make it right the first time. 

I appreciate any feedback.



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I dont live at altitude...sea level actually. However, my first 2 paramotors (still use both) are 200cc engines and i weigh 71kg.

Get the lightest most powerful unit you can is my advice. 

Because you are at high altitude, perhaps it might be worth considering a 1 size larger wing? (I cant say this from experience but if you are launching at those kinds of altitudes then i would be looking for horsepower/thrust and lowering wing loading a bit.


You might also consider different prop. Imagine that for a given engine, at higher altitude you could probably use a coaser pitched propellor because the air is thinner? 

You probably would need to ask the manufacturers about all of this...they would know their own gear.

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Thank you for the reply. I have made my decision , i will be taking your advice.

i wanted a scout carbon with a vitorazzi moster 185cc...but not anymore. 

 I  did some calculations at sea level the moster 185 has 25hp and at 1000m 22.5hp and 3000m 17.5hp... Not to mention the scout is heavier than most paramotors ( does anybody know how much a carbon scout weighs? with a moster 185cc).

I have been researching on this forum, i think i will go for a Air conception with a tornado 280cc.. Is it really  the lightest and most powerful rig available now.? (that is tested extensively and reliable).

At sea level the tornado 280cc has 33hp, and at 1000m 29.5hp and at 3000m 23hp ( basically the same as a vitorazzi at sea level) .

Regarding the prop, i will definitely ask the advice of air conceptions. i was thinking a 3 blade eprop, as apparently they are super smooth.


thankyou again.


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Also one more thing to add, I contacted SWING  in germany. i asked them about their paramotor wings, and if they will be incorporating their RAST design into them, They said yes they would and it should be available this year for paramotors.

Anybody have any experience with Swing gliders with RAST technology. And would it be a smart move over a Ozone Roadster 3.

this is the reply from SWING.de

"We intend to present the first ppg glider with RAST within this year.

Due to the coronavirus I cannot give an exact launching date, but as soon as we will go back to normal we will deal this with top priority.

The glider will be a beginner dual purpose wing, suitable for free flying as well as ppg flying. It is based on our new Miura RS http://swing.de/miura-rs-en.html, modified with trimmer risers.

It is planned to give owners of a Miura RS the possibility to upgrade their glider for ppg flying.

So if you can stand waiting until the corona issue has come to an end we will have something to offer for you soon."


i think i might wait for it , instead of a roadster 3...any thoughts?

i would also love to paraglide with my wing in the future, and would prefer to use the same wing..

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I have not read  many negative reviews on Polini Thor 250. Ill look into it. I guess this leaves me with 2 options, Scout with moster185 (proven and rock solid) or a more powerful Air conception with tornado 280cc.

Aviator ppg seem to have dropped Air Conception ( is this because of the tornado and nitro motors?)

and their videos seem to praise the vittorazi moster 185 matched with the parajet maverick...

this is stressful, and i wan to make the right decision.

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