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Roadster 3 weight/sizing question

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Hello all,

New to the sport and my wife and I are looking for a wing we can both fly. I am 157 lbs and she is 130 lbs. We do not have a motor yet, and are waiting until after training to decided on which motor. However we are questioning weather to get the 22m or the 24m. I have conflicting reviews from different people. We are very athletic and pick up things quickly so I don't mind having a bit sportier feel. But we just want something we will both be safe and comfortable in. 



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Definitely the 24 given that choice, with the motor et al your wife will be at the top of the weight range and you will be over.

If you don't want it so sporty you will both be within the weight range of the 26 once you are suited and booted.

Wife at 59kg, plus a 20kg motor (light) plus clothing and instruments say 7kg plus weight of wing (should be included) 5.6kg, that equals 91.6kg.

It adds up. New to the sport I would recommend the 26.

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hi guys , there isn't anybody anywhere that explains the weight range and how to choose a wing properly... Can someone check to see if i calculated correctly... thanks

The weight range quoted above is PG weight range. is that without a motor ? If you look at the chart for the roadster 3 there is a PPG weight range and PG weight range...

Calculating weight.. if i missed something  let me know....

Pilot weight( fully geared up for winter flying)  + paramotor weight + fuel ( full tank?) + wing weight + instruments + reserve .....

I heard that you should never load up a wing all the way to max, always 70-80% loaded... is this correct?

for example

Pilot =85kg

Air conception with tornado 280 , Dry = 22kg

Fuel full 15lt tank = 10.5kg (fuel density 0.7kg/l)

Instruments + clothes (winter) = 10kg

wing ( roadster 3) = 5.6kg

reserve = 2 kg

Paragliding harness ( without motor) =  3kg ( ozone ozium 2)

Total weight when  PPG : 135.1kg

Total weight when PG : 105.6kg

If i look at the chart for the roadster 3,  i would be just at the max for PPG weight for the roadster 26, (135.1kg of 140)

and for PG i would be over the 100kg mark at  105.6kg  ...

Would it be wise to go for the larger 28m wing?


are these calculations correct, or am i way off...?

roadster 3 stats.png

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calculation of fuel density was corrected
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I am 95 kg, plus 24 kg machine with reserve, 5.5 kg wing 6 kg fuel and some clothing. So 135 kg ish...maybe more now.

I fly 26 m Roadster and 28 m Roadster with Nitro and Tornado respectively.

You can happily load up to the maximum. The higher loading makes the wing more stable. The higher loading also makes your wing fly faster, since the weight per unit area is now higher. The downside of faster, is running faster, but it's not much different. You also of course get to fly faster. I get about 3 to 4 mph faster on the 26 m wing.

It is not a good idea to lightly load the wing as it makes it more able to collapse. 

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You  are right, a full tank of 15 litres is 10.5kg, instead of 15kg. that's awesome so my total is allitle bit lower.  I know most flights you will not fill up all the way, but for cross country you would fill up to the top...

I like to calculate maximum possible weight scenario . Makes sense to me.  Ill edit the comment.. thanks.



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