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Hello PPG Community :)

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Hi there. Looking forward past this whole cv-19 crap and thinking about getting into some PPG. 

First things first: Instruction. Really good instruction. I'm in NJ, USA and would prefer something "local" - tri-state area would be great. I live in the NW part of the state which is pretty rural. If there is an opportunity for instruction to come my way, I'd be open to that as well and cover travel expenses. Looking for 2 to be trained. My son (17) and I.

Gear: A trainer who is also a dealer is clearly welcomed. I'd prefer to train on the kit I'd fly with, however I'd opt for the best trainer and get my own kit as well.

Timing: Any time. No rush.

Experience: Years ago I did a week of paragliding training, but the weather was so fickle when we were finally ready for our maiden voyage, it needed to be scrubbed. I got a bit disillusioned, and focused on other hobbies. For all intents and purposes I'd be starting from scratch.


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