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So I work on the front line, for the most part I'm still keeping to trauma services while most of the gang are in threatres converted to ICU bays for COVID Patients.

We're seeing the bad side of the virus, a couple of the girls from my team held the hand of a nurse from a different trust while she face timed her kids and sadly passed away hours later.

So yeah, most healthcare workers would be mightlily upset if someone got injured in the air right now. However, saying that, like I said I'm still in trauma services and we're seeing broken ankles, wrist and other silly injuries from people just walking around their garden, doing housework or DIY.

So swings and roundabouts I guess.

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Good on you , I know how bad it can be with my wife being in the same job.

What would your team be like, if a guy came into A&E, with a back injury who had fallen from height, playing on his paramotor.

He needs to take a bed up for a few weeks and looked after by a team of doctors and nurses?

I know he would be looked after somewhat, but what would their feelings be towards him?


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One of our surgeons is quite direct and I've heard him a few times in the last couple of weeks effectively scolding patients for doing non-essential DIY and getting injured.

More than that though, if you're otherwise corona free, then the last place you want to end up is a hospital for any legnth of time


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On 02/04/2020 at 22:27, dantheman said:

Exercise is going for a walk/run/cycle from your front door, most people can do this without injury.

Not sure about that 😜 friends 31yr old daughter keen cyclist as i am got knocked off last week (hit and run), broken wrist, elbow & three ribs and visit to A & E with a hospital holiday,  came out yesterday after they had operated on wrist and elbow, but surprise is went in reasonably healthy and left with nice little attachment===== Covid 19, so No more cycling for her till lockdown over, i stopped after first week because it is NOT the lack of vehicles on the road, it is now the ferkin speed they are doing which to me makes it even more dangerous and i am a Key worker so gotta stay SAFE.

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There have been two incidents in the last week where I live where two cyclists have been killed. This is down to people taking up cycling as their chosen exercise. I don’t hear anything about a drain on the nhs over this. Furthermore I know the hospitals here are not overrun with covid cases infact it’s has been the quietest time for many hospitals. Social isolation is not the problem for PPG as we can clearly keep our distance it the perception that the drain on the nhs is going to be too much, somehow we are going to drag doctors and nurses away from treating the needy yet hospitals that have been built to hold 4000 patients are now being closed due to lack of demand .the evidence just does not stack up for us not flying. 
btw I choose not to fly solely on the Impact it has on other pilots who vehemently disagree with my position. I look ahead and see a day where we will all fly together and need to get along, so for the sake of those who believe it is morally wrong to fly I support you,  for the greater good and all that. 

Im a frontline worker if your interested, over that last 15 years I have dealt with 2 aviation incidents one gliding related and the other a balloon incident. But as for alcohol related incidents there have been thousands if not tens of thousands not to mention Diy accidents, drug overdoses, Car crashes, the list is endless, the volume of drain on the services is in incredible. The drain from smoking cigarettes far outweighs aviation in the 100000s itself but no one is calling for smokers to stop smoking. 

we might be doing our bit but believe me it’s insignificant in the grand scheme of things, agree or disagree I’m not bother that’s not the point. Everyday in my job I meet decent people who breach the regs for one reason or another The government know it the police know it everyone knows it, probably more that half the people on here have breach a reg or two over the last 6 weeks. 

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