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loss of power and stop immediately after taking off


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Hi Everyone

I kindly request you to evaluate the problem I had on my flight on Sunday.

this is vittorazi monster 185 plus paramotor.

I test full power on the ground for a while before each departure and then take off. 

Then, as you can see, the power goes off immediately after the first take-off, and when it opens the gas again, it recovered. then he repeated the same problem, but this time the power ran out and stopped.

anyone have an idea about a solution?

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I had almost same thing, it turned out to be a blocked intake filter on the 'clunk' fuel pickup inside the fuel tank, it was letting enough fuel through for starting/warmup etc but as soon as I went for full power on takeoff it totally shut down, drove me nuts trying to trouble shoot.

moster fuel clunk.jpg

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I had this on an old motor. Hard to replicate on the ground unless you can run it on full power for a good while.

Do you have a primer bulb? I ended up removing mine and solved the issue. After closer inspection we found it was perishing and was letting in a tiny amount of air, when under full power it let in more and killed the engine.


Hard to pinpoint these issues, before finding it was the primer I had gone through
- Carb kit
- Replaced fuel lines
- Replaced filter in tank
- Cleaned carb in ultrasonic bath

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thank you for all reply

every berfore take off I did full throttle 1 or 2 min.After proceed to take off but I live this problem last 5 take off. Ground full throttle no problem but climb 10 meters after power down after engine stop.  Believe me, I didn't understand where the problem is. how can I solved this problem. 

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