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Great to see all the paramotoring .org  "die hards "  at the seven bore , brilliant days flyin on Friday I think everyone made the most of it pilots where landing refuelling and taking off again,  It just goes to show how much this means to the club members,we new that Friday was possibly the only day for flying , I only had a travel  time of about  one hour, and other pilots had  traveling times of over three hours,and still made the trip, just shows how much we love paramotoring ,Saturday mornings was still in the flight window for some pilots and they were up again, mid Saturday and it started to rain a little and I must say that was the green light for me to leave, may I take this opportunity to thank the four wheel drive guys, for towing me out of the field, brilliant ,better than sitting in front of the TV .thanks Simon and all the team.  Geoffw    ps  sorry Simon still owe you a pint,I did try mate!!!!!!

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Thanks again to Simon and the PMC Crew, had a good days flying friday, was worth the 3.5 hrs Journey. Nice catching up with  a few old faces and a few new ones. As always the PMC flyins are the go to places.  Just a few stills off my headcam.








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