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Bing carb, why is fuel leaking?

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I have a fresh breeze simonini, have not used it for a couple of years. I went to fire it up and fuel is leaking from the open pipe that joins the pipes running either side of the carb.

Am I missing somehting here? has something fallen off or is something wrong with the carb, it pours oput as soon as I open fuel valve


thanks in advance


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Fuel inlet valve jammed , stoping floats rising and closing fuel inlet valve. Much the same as your toilet system fills and empty’s .

remove 4 screws on bottom of carb remove bowl , see if floats are seized hanging down , they should move freely up down about a inch ,give or take , also clean the crud from bowl .the floats  They push a little needle type valve to let fuel in and shut it off when they rise with fuel level in that bowl ,     Probably  better to remove carb . 

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