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Am i the only Nutter in here ?

kiwi k

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Mr Curious here ❔ So i will just ask it outright:lol:, is it just me or have some of you also been outside wearing and starting your paramotors just because you feel the need ;), Yes i am getting itchy feet and desperate to Fly again but most of us (Not the Abroad Holidaymakers) who seem to be in Weather crapiness :( must be chomping at the bit :fail:. And more gloomier is the fact of the Fly-inn just around the bend and weather very VERY unpredictable at the minute :o.

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2 hours ago, asquaddie said:

It's OK, Simon has asked it to change for the Friday before.

So, should be OK 🙂

Not attending on the Friday which looks like the Best Flying day but it will be what it is :(, but will be just good to meet new faces and talk parabolics :D

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On 03/03/2020 at 23:42, powerlord said:

Ppft - this is ideal weather for record beating cross countries and speed records.

I for one, want to see the first paramotor video cracking the 200mph barrier.

PPPssstttt  i heard the other day there is a crazy american called Gucker Tott who is attempting it very soon just needs to perfect the Launching of his new wing ;) think iirc it was a Dudek Warp but has a few teething problems getting it to Fly xD

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