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A non PPG question (well not yet)

I have a HD camcorder and recently taken some holiday videos.

I can’t seem to copy it to a standard DVD. You can produce MPEG 2’s from the software provided with the camcorder, but that can’t be edited.

I also purchased software called AVS Editor, which can read MPEG 2’s, but the software does not load the audio files!!!!

I could buy Studio 11 software etc, but then I would need to buy a top of the range spec PC.

Any ideas on how to transfer HD video (Memory card) to a DVD?

(I have been on the AVS forum for the past 2 weeks with no replies - come on lads lets beat this :) )


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Not really a comprehensive reply but I'm pretty sure HD won't go to DVD, end of story. HD is the latest format that outdates DVD so therefore you'll only be able to copy it to HD DVD (now being discontinued) or to Blu Ray so you'll need a new burner if you wish to copy it and keep HD.

In effect what you are trying to do is like playing a tape cassette in a CD player!

You'll probably be able to download a program that will convert the files from HD to another format for further transferral onto DVD but all editing (I think) will need to be done prior to converting!

Hoping someone will back me up on this! :D

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Answered within 15 minutes - Simon what a website we have. :)

Malcs - Exactly my thoughts too. The software does export the file as a 'MPEG 2' type file, but the software I purchased (AVS Video Editor) imports the file with no audio.

Still can't get an answer from AVS. :?

Does anybody know of a converter from MPEG 2 to ??????

I have tried a couple, but just get unwatchable DVD's

Wish I brought a cheap one now :cry:

Sorry - thanks Malcs.

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