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Hi from sunny Suffolk.

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Hey all. 
Been reading for a while, thought I’d say hi. 
New starter here, been along for a day with Alex at footflight and had a great time (few weeks ago before Dennis and Ciara turned up). All signed up and ready to go. 
Bought me new boots and just waiting for the weather to change. 
Best wishes all. 

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Hi there. 

Weather improved enough to get a few sessions in before lockdown. 
Got on well with my ground handling, understanding and practicing forward and reverse. Done a bit of ‘trust the thrust’ with the motor on my back, learning about pre flight checks and getting a good feel for the general workings of a paramotor. 
Sat and done a few of the theory tasks which I thoroughly enjoyed. Spending time at the field, seeing other pilots coming and going, watching them set up, ground handling, flying, just chatting in general, I’ve found lots of info sinking in. I also had the opportunity to start getting a few bits of kit in place. 
Then C-19 arrived. 
Luckily I got the chance to go over the field again last week, spent a few hours refreshing my wing skills and then once the wind decided which direction to settle in we got a towing session in. Was great to get up in the air. 
Latest news is my new wing is ordered and should be here any day. Really looking forward to that. 
Big thanks to Alex at Foot Flight for all his help and effort so far, he’s been brilliant. 

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