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Tuesday evening

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Well the Bailey got its first airing last night under my ownership. I am very, very pleased with the fuel burn... 1 hour airborne on 2.2 litres. This is looking really good for distance flying. The weight didn't seem to be a problem at all but who stole my thrust? It's definitely not a Black Devil in the performance stakes! The grass was a bit long in our usual field so we had to use a different one that was much shorter with the wind coming from the worst direction. I had to make an early right turn as I wasn't sure I was going to clear the barns at the upwind edge and then nearly had to lift my feet to get over the hedge! My machine had its ignition changed to cope with the rubbish fuel that it was using at the World Champs in Beijing last Autumn so I need to get it back to Paul Bailey to get it reset for better fuel octane ratings which will hopefully give me a bit more power. Anyway, had a great flight playing with a hot air balloon (Black Horse (Lloyds?) logo on the side) around Risborough and later on when it was absolutely calm chased a few rabbits accross fields. Loverly!

Apologies for not giving anyone a call before flying but this was only our second time of using this particular farm and we are still trying to establish the relationship with the farmer. It's looking reallly good though so hopefully that will change soon but it was Rob who set it all up so it must be his decision to open it up. Also, being my first flight on new kit I didn't really want the pressure of an audience.

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