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AXA Insurance after Brexit

Nigel C

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Reply from Sepp (slight language barrier) 

Hi Simon,

Thx for your request - ll best at this stage and of course your policies are still valid in UK - also your . We’ll see what EU-UK negotiations will bring after 01.01.2021. I have been in an information event organised by  Austrian Economy and Britisch embassy last autumn and I was told by UK administration to go on serving the UK air sports scene till we get further notice about new procedures. Also our license in UK to sell policies is valid till any other outcome in trade negotiations will be published.
Thx for informing your colleagues and your flying scene about the circumstances - we are issuing new policies to UK citizens every day and hope to be able to go on for much longer! So please keep on promoting our service within your scene!
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20 minutes ago, D G Morris said:

im hoping mine just renews like any other insurance unless notified otherwise,. however , are we up the creek without a paddle if axa can no longer service us with insurance to fly.


No 🙂 Trafford’s here in the UK also offer cover for Paramotors. And the PMC policy is likely to come back after Bexit also ‘underwritten by Lloyd’s again’ which of course is a British bank

SW 😄

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