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Canadian Rookie.

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I live in Kelowna, BC, Canada. PPG is struggling to really take off here due to weather and that we have a lot of training, licenses, fees, etc to get through before we can take to the wing; having said that we have amazing landscapes to enjoy.

I am new to this group and will be starting my training once the snow clears towards the end of March. I am thinking of a Parajet Maverick (5ft 10"  165 Lbs) with an Ozone wing. Just wondering what sort of racks you use to transport your rig?
I drive a Honda Pilot.

Thanks in advance.

Scott. ( British expat)

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I put mine in the back of the car behind the passenger seat. Does mean I have to make up the frame every time but I’ve not yet had the desire to subject my Maverick to all the crud of the road while driving with it strapped to the back. However I do have a Thule Easybase set up for when I change my mind. 😀

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Yes, me too. I put it in the back seat supported on a thin board (so as not to leave unsightly indentations on the seat),and put the seat belt around the whole lot and an additional strap around the motor and head restraint. The wing and all the other bits and pieces fit in the boot/trunk and spare seats. And it's all kept warm and dry. Sorted!.


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Thanks guys,

My thinking was that I would have others in the SUV with me and don't like the smell of gas so the exterior option was a way forward. If I had a sort of bike rack then I was hoping to leave the motor/frame etc all set up for next time?

I was also planning on making a waterproof canvas with drawstring to cover and protect.

Thanks again for your help, trying to get my ducks in a row before March/April when  start. 

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