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Motul Oil for the Moster 185

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Hi all,

I know this can be a bit of a open topic but i have emailed Vittorazzi recently and they included on their email (even through it wasn't my question) the updated  oil recommendations so i thought i would share it with the group.

Below you can find the updated oil ratios:


Break in with MOTUL 800:

From 1st to 15th litre:            oil at 2,0% or 50:1

After 15th litre:                      oil 1,5% or 66:1


Break in with MOTUL 710:

From 1st to 15th litre:            oil 2,5% or 40:1

After 15th litre:                      oil 2,0% or 50:1


The Motul 800 costs more but it can be used with lower percentage. The Motul 710 costs less but it needs a slightly higher percentage.

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I have found the opposite, I have 160 hours on my motor with Castrol 2T racing at 40:1 and it is as clean as they come. No build up, no signs of wear beyond normal even the underside of the piston was cleaner than expected.

 I have also taken had the jug off a 50 hour moster ran on motul 800 at 66:1 and the build up was horrible, no signs or wear but excessive deposits over the piston and and the “webbing” under the piston was only just visible. 

I do run 98 octane which could possibly have an effect.

just my small 2 pence. I am an Audi trained technician and while I was there found it funny that they service books, oil caps and stickers under the bonnet recommended castrol oil only. However the oil we used that was bought from VW was shell.

obviously VW got a kickback for advertising the oil and that’s why it was recommended 

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