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Just Getting Started

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I thought I had better join the forum and say hi as I am just starting to look into paramotors. I stumbled across a video a week ago that piqued my insterest and I am setting up a taster day at my local trainer (Airways in Ashbourne). All being well, by the end of January I'll have a go at moving a wing around and take it from there, until then I'm watching a lot of youtube footage (some of which does put me off I must say seeing some crashes!), and I'm going to have a read of some air law documents. If anyone has any good starter information beyond this please let me know


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That was my thinking too, so far I have picked up:

- Make sure the throttle cable isn't sticking

- Start the motor on your back

- Watch out for twigs etc

- Don't panic

- Try not to yank on any lines

- Watch out for trees

- Use a big landing/take off area

- Don't fly near other people

And various other things, just busy reading as much material as possible at the moment so I can go and fail to pick up a wing repeatedly with a load of :)

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I had the books listed above but found Jeff Goin's Paramotoring Bible is the best. I used this after training for a least a further 2 years as I learnt all the other things, such as active flying and power launch.

Watching all the PPG crashes also teaches you that there are 2 main categories of accidents. Take-off/landing and the rest. I read the fatal accident reports listed on the US and UK websites.

Take-off/landing are rarely fatal and if you follow good safety practice, always abort early and don't rush you will do fine.

The in flight accidents are when most fatalities happen and most occur when doing things such as stunts, aerobatics or fast turns next to fixed objects. There are a few dew to sudden wind gust.





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