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Ground handling on Dunstable Downs

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Hi. I am a newbie to this sport but not uninformed. I did a BHPA paragliding course in April 2019 and subsequently decided that paramotoring was the way to go, for me at least.

I live quite close to Dunstable Downs and it's a great place to practice ground handling with 'clean' and consistent wind, and the ground is not waterlogged as in many other places - I see people there ground handling a lot when I'm walking my dog.  I recently bought a training wing on eBay and would really like to meet up with others who might like to train on Dunstable Downs occasionally. It seems to me that paramotoring can be quite an individualistic sport but I am keen to be part of a community of people who share the same passion and who want to support each other in their goal of learning to fly these weird but wonderful contraptions 😃

Is anyone interested in spending time at Dunstable Downs, either weekdays or weekends?



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Hi Rob, the Dunstable downs club also have an airfield they have gained permission for the paramotor members to fly from. I believe it’s holmbeck farm. I have spoken to a couple that fly from there who seem very friendly. It might be worth contacting the club for more info and hopefully find the guys to chat too.


i am in Buckingham, I have a couple of sites over this way you are welcome to join me at once you are up flying but they aren’t particularly beginner friendly.



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