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not all pilots fly the same configuration


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Hi guys as we are setting out into yet another new year 2020 wow where did that figure come from, more of a shock to pilots from the 1950 like myself than those born in the 80 ties an on, i have to say having seen and been apart of aviation for so many years i have seen changes that opens ones mind as to what is to evolve in the future, so lets get to the point , that is why i am writing this post and what my aim is, what should a new pilot be trained on ?, and what should a new pilot purchase for their first wing?, and where should they go in their future ?, three of the most ignored questions ,and yet 3 of the most important questions ,through my years of flying i have noticed that training pilots are encouraged to purchase a wing that is not the best choice for them, at this point please understand that not all new pilots need to continue with one wing or another ,but after training on a standard paragliding wing that takes off slowly and lands like a feather ,perfect for training , which will encourage a new training pilot to carry on in our sport , when the new pilot has completed there training ,it is at that time i would expect your instructor to discuss with you were your interests lie at that particular time,  as your flying hours grow you may decide to change the type of flying that suits your needs  and that is probably inevitable , as the years pass you will probably do so  so you have completed your power training on a safe paraglider wing, so what flying do you wish to do ? fly a paragliding wing for its ease of take off and landings, as speed is not a need at that time , or maybe you want to try light thermalling as safely as possible ?, or you might want to try a simple reflex wing because you are very confident  and are looking to fly cross country ?, you might be very confident and only interested in speed and wanting to fly as fast as you can on long cross country flight , in this case please take further instruction and using instructors own wings before deciding if this is a safe option and what you really want in your flying career at that point,  before purchasing your new wing, NEVER FEEL PRESSURED  INTO PURCHASING A WING THAT IS NOT GOING TO KEEP YOU IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE,  you will no if you have purchased the right wing because you will want to go flying when ever you can and not feel any concern of setting out for that flight, a very experienced pilot once said it is better to fly an (A) WING TO ITS FULL CAPACITY than a( B) wing to 50 % of its capacity , finally do you want to wang a wing around or just fly ,? do you want to fly in light winds  and just enjoy flying in the air, or fly in stronger winds and get a bigger window of flight?. it does not matter to anyone than yourself what type of flying you require or enjoy,  no matter what type of wing you choose small medium large  paraglider , small med large reflex wing , the pilot having the most fun , is the pilot that chose the right wing for them, is that you ?  enjoyable flights and safe landings to all . 

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