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Hello, I'm from the United Kingdom.

What do you think of my invention. Here's an introduction:

I've invented something special, BodyWings©. With the combined power of the human arms and legs, prepare to fly! You will jump style with your legs while down thrusting with your arms. The wings will have hinged flaps like air vents(reinforced plastic cloth based) for easy upward wings flap movement. Full arm steering control, ball joints for legs to wings cables/bars and hinges for arms to wings bars. Someday someone will body power fly and earn there gold wing tips using BodyWings©. I will be applying for a Patent.

Do you think BodyWings© could fly?




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You can jump, jumping again may be enough?

As long as you going up and not falling, do you think BodyWings© would be enough?

Raising the wings after each jump should be easy as the wings surface is made of hinged flaps so the air flows through the wings.

Some people can run 26 mile marathons... :)

(I know your about to jump up and down using my motion, it's quite enjoyable.)

Also, material advice for the framework would be great, I'm thinking creating moulds and using fiberglass and resin.

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The basic rules of power to weight dictate that in order for self-propelled, continuous flight, you need approximately 1/3 of your body weight to be your "flight" muscles ie 1/3 of your weight in JUST the muscles that lift you up. 

The next best you can get to this is using an ultra-lightweight wing powered by a prop driven from a bike. However, even this requires the driver to be super fit. 

Science is a bugger.

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