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Newbie in Hertford looking for advice!

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I may be able to help with the training :D

A little further I know but I am based at Lambourn which is just off the M4 at Membury services.

Call for info.

Ref Pap, whats your weight? and the model number of the motor?


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Hi Villan/Woody,

I too am in the area (stanstead abbotts nr ware). I have been hovering around the forum for a while and am seriously considering binning my motorbike habit in place of paramotoring. I have already been in touch with simon and plan a trip up to lambourne to see what it's all about. It would also be good to know ppl in the hertford area interested in the sport.

see you all soon :lol:


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Hi guys, I am in harlow and looking to get into paramotors too, I too have seen a paramotor in the local area, it was heading away from the direction of hunsdon airfield so I dont know if someone is flying from there, is there anywhere local to harlow where people reguarly fly from, somewhere I can go and take a look and maybe chat to a few people to get a feel for what its all about?

thanks, Dave.

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