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Licence required in UK?


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hello everyone,
as already mentioned in my other thread, I am working on a study on paramotoring. I would like to give a worldwide overview of the regulations. Since I found different information about the UK, I would be interested if a legal education is mandatory and which one is based on.
Thank you very much for your help. 

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I believe it was 1996 that paramotoring was deregulated in the UK.

This means you don't need a pilots license or a medical but you are subject to all the rules of the air contained in the Air Navigation Order.

Training isn't mandatory although a lot of people think it should be, it's the first step to good airmanship IMO.

The BMAA had a paramotoring syllabus many many years ago, now defunct, the two main routes now to training are the BHPA which teaches paragliding first, then paramotoring, plus the ParamotorClub syllabus which was developed with the help of a Senior Training Captain in the aeronautical industry.

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