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National Championships - only two weeks to go

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The UK National Paramotor Championships are now just two weeks away and we are set to be even better again this year, building on the great success over the last few events.

We have an excellent site at Northrepps Aerodrome in north-east Norfolk, with water, showers, toilets and catering on-site. The caterer will be providing a variety of sensibly-priced food from Friday through to Tuesday to save everyone bothering with cooking and to allow people to get together at mealtimes.

We welcome spectators, families, friends and visiting pilots and have taken account of this in the event planning. A local information pack has been put together including local services and places of interest for families and visitors. There are great beaches and entertainments nearby, being only 3 miles form a major English holiday seaside resort.

At time of writing, we have 42 solo paramotors, 1 tandem paramotor, 1 paramotor trike and 5 powered hang gliders due to take part. As ever, we're keen to see as many new faces as possible, either competing, taking part (slight difference!) or spectating. In whatever capacity, you'll be able to enjoy being part of a great event, see all types of machines and wings and enjoy the camaraderie, even if it's just for a couple of days.

For those who haven't been before, or worse, haven't been but have listened to others who also haven't been before(!), it may be worth dispelling a few myths...

The Spanish run a National Championships purely for National team selection and apparently, it's a real 'march or die' affair. Ours couldn't be further from that format. Contrary to some views, we make a real effort to set the right tasks for the conditions and I don't want to put anyone under pressure, novice or reigning Champion, to fly in unsuitable conditions. It is, actually, in my interests NOT to have any problems...

I'm sure anyone who's been to a previous Nationals would agree that it's a friendly, inclusive, supportive atmosphere and far from elitist. All of the current top UK competitive pilots completely understand that it is not they who represent the future of competitive (or non-competitive) flying in the UK, but new pilots, pilots who may have never competed before and people who are just considering taking up the sport.

We'll operate a buddy system so that pilots new to competition have a more experienced comp pilot to give 'one to one' help where it's needed. Dave Hairs (3rd in UK 2007 and 9th in World 2007) will also run short supplementary briefings/Q&A sessions after the Task Briefings for tips on how to approach the tasks and clearing up any queries. I'll endeavour to make both of these systems function effectively by allowing enough time and in some cases, using 'split briefings' to remove the urgency.

If you're thinking about coming along to see what it's like, then just do it! If you want to know a bit more first, please ask someone who's actually been to a Nationals in the last 2 or 3 years. As I say to my children about food, "don't tell me you don't like it if you haven't even tried it"!

For more information about the Nationals, see http://www.flymicro.com/footnat08/

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to see some of you there in two week's time.


Andy Phillips (Competition Director)

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I will be there on the Friday night and Saturday Morning sleeping in my passion wagon.

I am going for a look and fully expect to enjoy it.

Anyone else coming? I have a spare tent?


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I will be there Friday evening also and am competing on Saturday and Sunday. If I do well I will stay for the next day as well.

See you boys there ;-)

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Francis, as it stands I think I know your final position in your category... I predict you will come first (but also last!). Of course that could all change if someone else enters.

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I hear a whisper that Francis will not be alone..(and I dont mean the passenger)

It may well be a case of 'second place is the first looser.'


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Unfortunately we need three for a quorum to validate the class, so we need to hope for two more entries!

In any event the contest is run "as one" so we will all be doing the task(s) together and competing with the solos and trikes and even if we dont get a trophy we can still beat the single seaters into a cocked hat!!!!!!!

Bring it on, four legs are better than two....baaaaaa

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