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Brake Mittens


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Yep, keeping your hands out of the wind makes a big difference to how long you can endure those long, cold, wintry XC flights.

Those brake mittens look rather cumbersome and awkward (are they permanently fixed to the brake handles? Having to `thread` your hands up and into the mitten when brakes are required sharpish may be a concern?  Would magnets be strong enough to go through the mitten to hold the brakes on the keepers? They may be OK for PG where brakes are rarely parked?).

I knocked up this home-made muff from a sheet of neoprene, some sewing tape and a couple of buckles. It attaches to my harness and sits in my lap in front of the reserve. My hands are easily `in and out-able` even with ski gloves and throttle.

It extends my flying time considerably before i have to land and warm up (i suffer from cold hands and seem to have to wear fingerless gloves for about 9 months of the year whether flying or not!).





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