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MacPara Muse 3 RS beginner wing for sale


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For sale an almost like new beginner wing EN A/B size 24, so anybody with a weight of less than 8220191105_120505.thumb.jpg.17e6b89e13a6da77b910f49e52d0908d.jpgkg is perfect. One single owner from new (former RAF pilot) who looked very well indeed after it. Still as crisp now as it was 4-5 years ago when new.

New price £2400, priced to sell at £800.

You can find all technical data on internet, it can be used for free flight or paramotor.

It comes with everything you would expect from a new wing: bags, instructions, documentation, speed bar, etc. Only used for 80 hours.

If interested please reply with an email to send you pictures or on WhatsApp as I just got a new phone and not sure on how to attach pictures.

Got this wing with the view to practice on it as I wouldn't like to damage my brand new Spyder 3.

Changed my mind, and now somebody will get a very good, crisp perfect wing for a beginner at a bargain price. 

PS. 20191105_120550.thumb.jpg.db4a6abfe3086e02bb44e20c139256ed.jpgWell, it looks that I managed to put some pictures....

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As Christmas is getting closer, I will accept offers. Try me.

I am based in Kingston-upon-Thames, SW London and you are welcome to come and see it before buy it. If you are looking for a very good reliable beginner wing to start your training, this is the one. It has settings for free flight AND paramotor. Size is 24, so anybody up to 82Kg would be fine. It is a certified EN A wing, not A/B as stated initially, therefore most forgiving and safe wing you can start with.

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You need to work harder. This wing will be perfect not only for your training, but for ground handling and is very safe (EN A) for beginners. Not to mention thst has settings for free flight as well.

And could serve you well for your first 2-3 years as a pilot, so you can get some experience (and some more cash) so you can get a faster/more expensive wing.

Finally, the price. I COULD accept any offer that starts with 7.  The condition is almost like new with no rips no defects and is as crisp as a new one. It is advertised on Skyads and it generated a lot of interest. It will go before Christmas.

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Still sitting in my garage... anybody looking for a cheep-ish, good, crisp wing?

For anybody starting to learn and up to 82Kg in socks would be perfect. Just right for a beginner (EN A). Why pay over £2K and then to damage it while you learn to fly?

Get a cheap wing to get you going, do your ground handling, do your first flight, etc, and THEN splash out on an expensive/new one.

Would take £750 and include the delivery (assuming is UK...not Kuala Lumpur..)

Or come to Kingston-upon-Thames, SW London and view it.

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