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Until further notice, the Lambourn Paramotor club can only use the very best site in the UK to fly from. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

At least until the BIG barley fields are cut (mid -end August I think) we have permission from the land owners (thanks Sally Ann) to use the most perfect field in all the land.

How to find it at the weekend (becasue the weather looks like it could be OK, Monday is also looking like it may work)

Get on to the B4000 ) which is the road that you have to turn off to drive up our drive.

If you are heading FROM Lambourn to the temp site, you would have our house on the Right Hand Side and continue on the B4000.

You will soon start to drive up a fairly long hill and will end up at the 'Ridgeway carparks' before going back down the hill again.


Park in the Carpark on the Riight Hand side of the road (same side as our house is on.)

You will notice a MASSIVE (cant see the other end) field in front of you. (THIS IS OUR TEMPORY SITE)

This is a fairly public area, so SAFETY AT ALL TIMES PLEASE!!!!!!

Good look around for little children before starting your prop, and please do shout something to let people know.

PLEASE no low level flying, there will be spectators, public cars, dogs, children, in the carpark and along the ridgeway itself my advice STAY WELL CLEAR OF THEM (Height)

The Crop Circle is in the field on the opposite side of the road so makes for some great pictures.

If in doubt please call me.


You just wait until you see this site............

(And yes Stuart)

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Of course :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

On the nice new MASSIVE lump of land we have as our temp site.

Assuming the weather is good on Sat and Sun for training I will have the following people....

Stuart 'First Flight'

Tony 'Day two'

Sally Ann 'Day one'

Martin 'End of ground work, close to flight'

Dan ' end of ground work, close to flight'

Could end up to be a great weekend for Dartmoor training as well for those who need it :!::!:

Hope to see some faces. 8)

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Great - lets rock and roll then...................

Simon - Where shall we meet you during the weekend - At the new temp site or at your house?

Timmings for these places? Or shall we just phone you on the morning to find out where you are?

Tony (Day two)

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It is likely that I will be at the new site nice and early if it is flyable, so as per norm (for people on a course that is) give me a bell before 09:00hrs and I will be stood in the field trying to suss out the day :D

Stuart, you will need to go to my house and pick up your motor :D:D:D:D:D I will make sure you can get to it.

Fingers Xed.

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Foot and Mouth and our fields.

Our current landowners are 100% Arible (or whatever the spelling) farmers and thus have no Cows.

It goes without saying that if you land out, make sure it is not in a field full of cows! and not becasue they will be MAD at you, but the farmer may well be!

If you do land in a field full of cows, do not leave the farm until you have found a member of staff and ask them if you need to disinfect and where to do so and then do just that.

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