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Starter wing/kiting?


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I am trying to get into this awesome sport, and would love some advice on how to start!

My current plan is to get a wing soon, and practice kiting over the winter. Next summer, I plan to get training at a place near New York City, and then purchase a motor. I am currently considering the Dudek Universal, and the ozone Mojo.Would this be a good idea? If so, I would also be interested in what kind of wings you all might have for sale. 

Thank you!



Edit: BGD seed looks great, but seems a little pricey for a kiting wing. I have had somone offer me $300 for a rather old (from around 2000) Edel Atlas. Is that a deal or a scam?

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I can't compare against the Seed because I've not seen one, but I bought a similar kiting-only wing a WindPlay (Everest brand, seems to be an Air Conception brand) for $750 shipped from Eric Dufour at paratours, and am quite happy with it. It's a perky little thing at 12 meters, likes to really pop up in light wind, will test your reflexes (I have a way to go before I'm fully in control of it in variable wind). Just another option there.


Oh, I just looked at the site, they have different patterns now than the one I bought, and a choice of colors. That's neat. Here's a link: http://www.paratour.com/content/Everest_Windplay.php


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